This year’s annual Emerge Graffiti Art Show, presented by Art Seen Alliance, was held Saturday, August 27th 2011 off of 5th and Waller St. Local DJ’s, rappers and graffiti artists turned out in good numbers and I would venture to say the show was declared a success. Appearing DJ’s were: TAKO, DJ CHARLIE, CHORIZO FUNK, MEZ ONE, CASEY CUTS, DJ STATIK AND THATKIDNAMEDCEE, and DJ PERISH. Rapping on Stage was: CLEMITS, MESANGER, DA SHADE, RIDDLORE, THE CIPHER AUSTIN, and PERISH. Graffiti Artists on Exhibit: SLOKE, MEZ, REI, GENE PARMESEAN, TRES, WAKE, SPIK, S LIE, DEKO, DEFORM, TONE, NIZ, SPAIN, SAINT, ENKS, WEAH, TMO LINE, COLER, REKS, SOUP, DAVE LOWELL, SONER, SUPHER, DICE, ZACH MCDONALD, MATTHEW RODRIGUEZ, CHISTES 7 8, CHEMIST, NEWS, DMISE, JSEN, BELIEF, EL UNO NUEVE, JABER and KANE. The show was located in warehouse style building off of 5th and Waller St. east of I-35, it had an indoor area where all the art was showcased throughout 4 different rooms. The DJ booth was inside and people danced as they browsed the artwork. The show location also had an outdoor area for large scale graffiti art exhibits and they also used the space for spray painting, for the rapping MC’s stage setup, smoking and food vending. Most showcased art ranged from $50-$600 in price. Most of the art was truly professional and would be well worth the price. As the night neared an end there was still a good deal of unsold art works so research the listed artists if you see something you like. I had a chance to talk with one of the featured MC’s, CLEMITS. I got his CD and a few of his stickers. The dude has heart and I will have to give him credit for his hustle, he was a relentless promoter. I plan on jamming his CD the next few weeks.