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everything 507

Select photo’s from the San Antonio Spur’s dominating win (121 to 97) over the Los Angles Lakers on 4/20/2012 that helped them stay the #1 team in the western conference. Kobe Bryant returned from a shin injury and contributed 18 points. Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli and Tony Park all had 20+ points in the game.






Came across this old Z-Ro jam while listening to tunes on my iPod. I couldn’t find it anywhere on youtube, every time I searched a video came up with the name (slightly different spelling) but a different song; so I figured I would post it. It could be the un-official Gorillanormous motto. #GORILLA TIL I DIE


aspurs 159

Went down to San Antonio last night to check out the Spurs vs 76er’s game last night. The Spur’s rested Tim Duncan, who was in street clothes, but still looked strong, finishing the game with a double-digit lead. The Spur’s new additions of Stephen Jackson and Borris Diaw played good minutes and already seemed acclimated to the Spur’s style of offense. Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili¬† both looked strong as usual.




Fun - We are Young - SXSW 2012

Fun, the band behind the new hit single, “We are Young” was present this year at the SXSW 2012 festival for the MTVu Woodie Awards. Fun recently shot to fame after their song, We are young, was featured in a Chevy Sonic commercial. Sales of their songs have risen on Amazon and iTunes in the weeks following the commercial’s release. Their performance was good considering many in the crowd had heard little else from the band.

We are young chevy commercial the band fun

Fun -the band from the Chevy Sonic commerical sing we are fun

Fun -the band from the Chevy Sonic commerical sing we are fun

Fun - We are Young


Gary Clark Jr., who is from Austin, Tx, was also on stage and gave a great performance. Be on the watch for Gary Clark Jr. he is about to take off.

Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr. at MTVu Woodie Awards - SXSW 2012


Chase Chaseboy Keller


Check out the custom freestyle by Chaseboy for Gnormous.com


You can download this and listen to more tracks from Chaseboy on his Reverbnation page:




Chase Chaseboy Keller

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